How do I get started using eMDDS?
Register with eMDDS at www.eMDDS.com and after approving the request Calimex will send login details to your email.
How can I purchase Credits Online?
On the home page click on "Purchase online with Credit Card".
How can I send new credits request?
Go to "Payment History" page and click "New Credits Request".
How can I check my Payment details/Invoice details?
Go to "Payment History" there you can see all the payment history details.
How can I check my available Credits?
On the home page you can see under "Available Credits".
How can I evaluate my Medical Device?
On the home page click "Launch Evaluation" or click "New Evaluation" under Evaluation page.
How can I check Help Link(s) for related Question information?
On the left side under Help Link(s) click on available link.
How can I review my submitted Questions?
On the left side under Evaluation Review click on respective Question or you can click "Prev" and "Next".
How can I add new user?
Go to "User Master" in Administration page and click on "New User Registration".
How can I login if I forgot my Password?
On the login page click on "Forgot Password(Self Reset)" and enter username and click "submit", you will receive new password within 24 Hours.
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  • 2021, May 19 Calimex USA signs a new project to custom develop and host a Blood Inventory and Distribution Application. Read More
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